What is the difference between organic and “regular” seeds?


The most important difference between organic and standard seed are the systems that produced them.

In Canada, there is a federally-regulated organic standard.

Canadian organic standards aim to ensure that all aspects of farming are conducted in a way that promotes the overall health of soil, plants, animals, humans, and the planet. Organic practices use a proactive, rather than a reactive approach to farming, minimizing or avoiding expected problems in the farm system. The health of the land is prioritized. Potentially harmful inputs are restricted or forbidden.

Ontario Seed Company is organic in two ways:

Firstly, we have a line of certified organic seed. This means the seed itself is certified organic and has been produced by a certified organic system (yay!)

Secondly, we are a certified organic processor. This qualifies us to package and distribute certified organic seed, ensuring its organic integrity is never compromised.


Look for this logo to be sure Canadian organic standards have been met:

Copies of our organic certificates can be found on our website or by clicking here.


If you believe a brand is making false claims about being organic please contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Read more about what Ontario is doing to improve organic regulation here.

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