Aimers Organic Herbs & Veg

Cucumber “SMR 58 Pickler” (Organic) 4045
Herb “Chives” (Organic) 4050
Herb “Cilantro” (Organic) 4055
Herb “Culinary Blend Basil” (Organic) 4072
Herb “Dill” (Organic) 4060
Herb “Genovese Basil” (Organic) 4075
Herb “Okra” (Organic) 4124
Herb “Oregano” (Organic) 4065
Herb “Red Rubin Basil” (Organic) 4071
Herb “Sage” (Organic) 4067
Herb “Sweet Basil” (Organic) 4070
Herb “Thyme” (Organic) 4085
Kale “Red Russian” (Organic) 4087
Leek “Giant Musselburg” (Organic) 4089
Lettuce “Amish Deer Tongue” (Organic) 4102
Lettuce “Black Seeded Simpson” (Organic) 4090

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