Aimers Organic Herbs & Veg

Lettuce “Buttercrunch” (Organic) 4095
Lettuce “Marveille Four Seasons” (Organic) 4100
Lettuce “Paris Island Cos” (Organic) 4110
Lettuce “Red Salad Bowl” (Organic) 4105
OUT OF STOCKLettuce “Tom Thumb” (Organic) 4098
Melon “Heart of Gold” (Organic) 4120
Mesclun Mix (Organic) 4115

Mesclun Mix (Organic) 4115

Mustard “Mizuna” (Organic) 4122
Onion “Evergreen Bunching” (Organic) 4125
Parsley “Italian Plain” (Organic) 4132
Parsley “Moss Curled” (Organic) 4130
Peas “Laxton’s Progress” (Organic) 4135
Peas “Oregon Sugar Pod” (Organic) 4140
Pepper “Cal Wonder” (Organic) 4145
Pepper “Hot Long Red Cayenne” (Organic) 4150
Pepper “Jalapeno” (Organic) 4152

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