Aimers Organic Herbs & Veg

Pumpkin “Big Max” (Organic) 4155
Pumpkin “Small Sugar” (Organic) 4160
Radish “Cherry Bell” (Organic) 4165
Radish “Daikon” (Organic) 4167
Radish “Easter Egg Blend” (Organic) 4169
Radish “French Breakfast” (Organic) 4170
Radish “Sparkler” (Organic) 4162
Spinach “Bloomsdale” (Organic) 4175
Squash “Burgess Buttercup” (Organic) 4180
Squash “Table Queen” (Organic) 4190
Squash “Waltham Butternut” (Organic) 4182
Squash (Summer) “Dark Green Zucchini” (Organic) 4185
Squash (Summer) “Golden Zucchini” (Organic) 4192
Swiss Chard “Fordhook Giant” (Organic) 4195
Swiss Chard “Rainbow” (Organic) 4197
Tomato “Beefsteak” (Organic) 4198

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