“Antigua Gold” Marigold 5615
“Antigua Mixed” Marigold 5635
“Antigua Orange” Marigold 5620
“Antigua Primrose” Marigold 5625
“Antigua Yellow” Marigold 5630
“Crackerjack Mixed” Marigold 5640
“Durango Outback Mix” Marigold 5605
“First Lady Hybrid” Marigold 5610
“French Petite” Marigold (Miniature Type) 5650
“Lemon Gem” Marigold 5675
“Mr Majestic Double French” Marigold 5670
“Orange Gem” Marigold 5680
“Perfection Orange Hybrid” Marigold 5700
“Perfection Yellow Hybrid” Marigold 5695
“Petite Yellow” Marigold 5655
“Queen Sophia” Marigold 5660

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