Art Shades Mixed Colour Statice Seeds 6100


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Art Shades Mixed Colour Statice Seeds 6100. Long graceful sprays of paper-like flowers are just as pretty in the garden as in bouquets. A full range of colours on 75 cm (30″) tall plants. As statice does not transplant well, it is best directly sown into the cut-flower garden. A favourite of southern Ontario farmer’s market flower vendors.

How to Grow

300 seed/gram. In our opinion, seed is best sown directly in the garden in mid-May. However for an early start, it can be started indoors in a soil-less mix 8 weeks early. Sow seed uncovered on the surface of the growing medium – use Jiffy 7’s plantable fibre pots as statice does not transplant well. Moisten by misting or bottom watering and keep at 24 C (75 F) for the 20-25 day germination period. Grow-on at 15 C (60 F) until hardening off and transplanting out after the danger of frost has passed spacing plants 45 cm (18″) apart in a full sun location. Plants are very tolerant of heat and drought.

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