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A native seed mix for banks and slopes adjacent to water courses. While the species in this blend are somewhat shade tolerant, they still require a minimum of 4 hours of direct sun.  . Contains: Big Bluestem ( Andropogon gerardii ), Black Eyed Susan ( Rudbeckia hirta ), Bottlebrush Grass ( Elymus hystrix ), Fowl Bluegrass ( Poa palustris ), Fowl Manngrass ( Glyceria striata ), Fox Sedge ( Carex vulpinoidea ), New England Aster ( Aster novae-angliae ).  . One package of 500 grams covers 200 sq. m. (2150 sq. ft.). 500g $126.00. 1kg $210.00. Please use the drop-down menu to place your order.  .  .

How to Grow

Native mixes do best when planted in the fall, between Oct. 15th and Nov. 15th. Late fall sowings additionally stratify the seed. An early spring sowing in April will work but not as effectively. If ideal growing conditions are unavailable, the seed may go dormant and not germinate until the spring the following year. Site Preparation. Remove weeds by hand or apply an organic non-selective herbicide. Loosen soil to 2.5 cm (1″) depth with a stiff rake, cultivator or hoe. Prairie flowers and grasses will germinate and establish themselves much better when planted into a bed of well drained soil, rather than compost or dense compacted topsoil. Broadcast the seed and let mother nature do the rest. Smaller seeds can be mixed with dry sand to improve distribution when sowing. Rain, snow and frost-heaving of the soil will work the seed down into the soil bed. If you choose to do a spring planting, make sure the seed comes into good contact with the soil & irrigate as needed. We advise cutting the seeded area to a height of 20 cm (8″) at least twice during the first year of growth. This mowing helps to control aggressive weeds so that the target plants have a better chance of getting established. In extreme outbreaks of aggressive weeds, selective hand weeding may be required. Two final points: Native mixes take from 3 to 5 years to fully express themselves. Do not expect any kind of organization with a native seed planting – they are chaotic and totally random in appearance. In other words, they are natural!

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