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Bebb’s Sedge Seeds 8065 (Carex bebbii) is very effective when used in sunny locations with neutral and alkaline soils around pond edges or in moist, sandy soil dominated flats. This native sedge grows from 20-90 cm (8-36″) high, has fine narrow leaves with flowering occurring in June followed by slender seed heads forming though August. Provides food and year round cover for smaller wildlife. Commonly occurs in wet meadows and fields, nutrient rich swamps and marshes. Hardy to Zone 3.

How to Grow

5000 seed/gram. This native sedge will do best when planted in the fall, between Oct. 15th and Nov. 15th. A late fall sowing allows dormant seed to be naturally stratified over the winter. An early spring sowing in April will work but not as effectively. If ideal growing conditions are unavailable, the seed may go dormant and not germinate until the spring of the following year.

Many native plants will not bloom until the second year of growth when grown from seed. Avoid the use of supplemental fertilizer as this encourages weeds at the expense of the native plants. During the establishment year, native species plantings should be watered when required by the weather. The following year’s growth adapts easily to local climate and soil conditions needing only what nature provides. Mow to 20 cm (8″) height after the fall frosts have reduced annual foliage. Consider a controlled burn of prairie species where municipal laws permit. The encroachment of woody or non-prairie vegetation is curtailed by fire allowing the prairie community to thrive.

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