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Blue Flax, which is also known as linum is a short lived perennial that is best sown outdoors as it does not transplant well. Pretty sky-blue flowers 2.5 cm (1″) across, are produced in large numbers on 25-30 cm (10-12″) tall plants with fine textured gray-green foliage. Some plants can reach 60 cm (2′) height. Linum self-seeds readily. Perennial reliably hardy to Zone 5, but can sometimes persist in Zone 4 with winter protection. Native to Europe and Asia, Blue Flax growes best on medium to light soils in full sun.  Tends to root poorly in clay dominated soils which can lead to winter survival problems. Packet $1.99. 25 g $8.35. 125 g $34.65. 250 g $59.35. 500 g $99.75.

How to Grow

645 seeds/gram. This tender perennial is best started directly outdoors as it does not transplant well. Sow seed April 15th to the end of June for blooms in late summer. Broadcast seed and cover with a light sifting of soil. Water regularly to encourage germination. Self-seeds very readily.

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