Brunswick Sauerkraut Cabbage Seeds (Aimers International) 2750


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Brunswick Sauerkraut Cabbage Seeds (Aimers International) 2750 NEW for 2019! Variety originated in Germany in mid 1920’s! Flavourful late maturing very cold hardy fall/winter cabbage. A somewhat flattened drum-head variety producing dense, tightly formed heads up to 3 kg (6.6 lb) or more! The best choice for making the ideal sauerkraut. Also an excellent choice for soups, stews and coleslaw. A superb keeping variety.

How to Grow

Start seed indoors in a sterile growing medium 4-5 weeks before plant out time. Seed can also be sown directly outside in mid to late spring.

Planting Depth: 6-12.5 mm (1/4-1/2”). Seed Spacing: 2.5 cm (1”). Transplant to: 45 cm (18”). Row Width: 75 cm (30”)

COMMENTS: Cabbages enjoy consistently cool, moist soil. This can be accomplished by even watering and by mulching the soil around plants with shredded leaves or straw. Long keeping winter storage cabbage. Mature cabbage tolerates hard frost.

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