Canadian Wildflower Mixture Aimers Seed Shaker Tube 710


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Canadian Wildflower Mixture Aimers Seed Shaker Tube 710 This exciting mix of self seeding annual and hardy perennial wildflowers are well adapted to a wide range of Canadian growing conditions. Ideal for providing colour in sunny, hard to maintain areas or as an alternative to traditional lawns. Container will sow 40 sq. m. (440 sq. ft.). Annuals: Baby’s Breath, Bachelor Buttons, Blue Bells, California Poppy, Annual Chrysanthemum,  Plains Coreopsis, Crimson Clover, Scarlet Flax, Shirley Poppy. Perennials: Black Eyed Susan, Catchfly, Lance-leaved Coreopsis, Blue Flax, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Evening Primrose, Prairie Coneflower, Russell’s Lupine, Soapwort, Shasta Daisy, Wallflower, White Yarrow.

How to Grow

Select a sunny site, remove all weeds and lightly work the soil to a depth of 2.5 cm (1″). Shake the container well before use then evenly distribute the mixture over the prepared seed bed. Lightly rake the seeds into the soil then tamp down or roll the seeded area. Keep the seed bed evenly watered through the 2-4 week germination period. Keep in mind that some of the perennials may not flower in their first year of growth. The carrier for the seed mix in the tube is corn meal.

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