Clancy Potato Hybrid Seeds 2450


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Clancy Potato Hybrid Seeds 2450.

Approx. 20 seeds/pkt

Potato from true seed! 100 days from transplant. An AAS National Winner and a great way to produce your own nutritious spuds!  Clancy produces compact, healthy dark green plants with attractive blue flowers loaded with spuds in a beautiful ornamental mix ranging from red to rose blush skin tones with interiors of creamy white and yellow. Eating quality is superb with a texture and flavor that’s a happy medium between a yellow-skinned potato and a russet. Especially good for mashing or boiling due to its lighter texture.

How to Grow

Sow seeds indoors about 6-8 weeks before last spring frost date – use a soiless mix for germination and growing seedlings. The temperature of the growing medium should be 21-24 C (70 – 75 F) for prompt germination. When the seedlings are 4 cm (1.75″) high, transplant each into individual peat pots – reducing temperature to 15–18 C (59 – 65 F) until planting in the garden late May. After hardening off, transplant into well-drained organic soil. For small potatoes, space plants 20 cm (8”) apart. For larger potatoes, space 30 cm (12”) apart. Potatoes need warmth, direct sunlight & a steady supply of water. Apply the water to the soil rather than showering down over the plants.

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