CLEARANCE – Jiffy “Poly Pak” Starter Kit 260250


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Jiffy “Poly Pak” Starter Kit 260250

INCLUDES: 1 Multi-Pot Tray (72), 1 Ultra-lite carrier sheet, 1 #260 All Purpose Planting Tray (1020), and 1 Clear Plastic Dome.

Pots are 100% compostable. Plant pots with seedlings directly into soil. This kit helps in avoiding transplant shock. Includes a plastic carrying case for plant stability.

All of the advantages of Jiffy Pots with the flat filling and handling ease of Multi-Pot trays! Ultra-lite carrier sheets use a minimal amount of plastic yet provide excellent plant stability, even in partially empty flats. They also inhibit inter-pot rooting during longer growing cycles.

Made from Canadian sphagnum peat moss and wood pulp, these soft, natural containers allow roots to grow right through the porous walls. Avoid transplant shock by planting the seedlings in the soil with their pots. Roots naturally air prune as they emerge and do not spiral. Excellent for starting seeds in nurseries, greenhouses, and landscapes.

The ultra-lite carrier sheets use a minimal amount of plastic, while still providing great plant stability.

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