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Creeping Thyme Seeds 8345


Creeping Thyme Seeds 8345 Lovely, creeping plants are well suited to full sun or light shade. Plants grow to 10-15 cm (4-6″) tall and withstand substantial foot traffic. Small purple flowers appear in mid to late summer. Note: Creeping Thyme browns off over winter looking like dried twigs in early spring. Don’t be alarmed, this is normal. The thyme lawn will bounce back after April rains and warm sunshine. Perennial hardy to Zone 4.

How to Grow

5100 seed/gram. Create your own Thyme Lawn by sowing a mix of seed and sand blended together. We provide you with a 25 gram package of thyme seed, enough to sow 150 sq. m. or (1600 sq. ft.) of lawn. You provide the play sand (available from the local nursery, garden centre). Why sand you ask? Well thyme seed is very small and blends best with sand for easier spreading. Mix seed/sand together in a fertilizer spreader and broadcast evenly over the area. Keep the seeded area moist and be patient, germination may require up to 30 days – sometimes longer! Between flagstone for a walkway, mix seed and sand together and sprinkle or brush into cracks between stones as early in the spring as possible. Our experience has shown that it germinates best in the cold/damp conditions of early April. Dormant fall sowings in October/November are also successful. Thyme, once established, competes well with weeds. Freshly exposed soil is often loaded with weed seeds. You will need to diligently remove weeds during the first and possibly second seasons. Simply mowing above the thyme seedlings will help deter many taller annual weeds such as pigweed. Physical removal is best for low growing weeds such as crabgrass, dandelion and plantain and of course all perennial weeds.

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