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Crownvetch Seeds 8320 A permanent perennial ground cover that’s ideal for steep slopes and other problem areas. It never needs fertilizer or mowing and grows in almost any soil in full sun. The dense, lush foliage actually chokes out weeds once the plants become established. Plants grow to 45 cm (18″) tall and produce pretty pink, occasionally white flowers early spring into mid-summer. Crownvetch seed is slow and variable in its germination…taking anywhere from 3 weeks to six months or more to germinate. For this reason, we sell it in combination with annual ryegrass which germinates quickly and acts as a nurse crop for the crownvetch. Sow small areas at a rate of 500g crownvetch and 500g annual ryegrass per 180 sq. m. (2000 sq. ft.).  Large areas should be sown at 22kg per hectare (20 lb per acre). One crownvetch ‘combo’ contains one 250g package of crownvetch and one 500g package of annual ryegrass.

How to Grow

Crownvetch performs well in most soil conditions and is especially valuable for restoration projects and hillsides that you just can’t maintain. Broadcast seed in a criss-cross pattern for best seed distribution. Sow at a rate of 500g crownvetch and 500g annual ryegrass per 180 sq. M (2000 sq. ft.) Large areas should be sown at 22 kg/hectare (20 lbs/acre). Kit contains one package of 250g crownvetch and one package of 500g annual ryegrass.

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