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Irish Moss Seeds 6347. This well known evergreen ground cover is ideal for filling gaps between flagstones, for draping over walls or for use in rock gardens. Emerald-green mossy foliage grows to 5 cm (2″) tall and is covered with small star shaped white flowers from late spring to mid-summer. Irish Moss is a European native that performs best in moist conditions and is very adaptable to cooler climates. An excellent performer in partial shade. Hardy to Zone 4. Packet of  approximately 300 seeds.

How to Grow

As the seed is very small, we suggest starting the seed under controlled conditions inside rather than scattering on the ground outside. Start seed 8 weeks early indoors. Carefully sprinkle a small number of seeds on the surface of the each individual not attempt to cover the seed as exposure to light is beneficial for germination. To prevent accidentally covering or dislodging seed, initially water the growing medium from below. Keep at 18-22 C (64-72 F) for the 7-14 day germination period then after that grow on under bright light at 18 C (64 F) before hardening off and transplanting outside after the danger of frost has passed. Soil should be of a gritty composition – fast draining of excess moisture but at the same time it needs to be able to retain adequate moisture for growth to occur. As far as planting Irish moss seed directly outside, the same basic rules apply. The seed must be at the surface and kept evenly moist during the germination and establishment period. For ease of maintenance, we suggest scattering the seed over a small area, getting it established then transplanting out the started plants to cover a larger area.

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