Mini Mow Wildflower Mixture Aimers Seed Shaker Tube 713


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Mini Mow Wildflower Mixture Aimers Seed Shaker Tube 713 This high quality, resilient and colourful ground cover blend has been specifically blended for sunny slopes, hard to cut areas and as a replacement for traditional turf.  It’s pretty but tough! Mow twice a year to maintain at a 15 cm (6″) height.  Container will sow 15 sq. m. (165 sq. ft.).  Annuals: Golden Yarrow, California Poppy, Portulaca . Perennials:  White Yarrow, Red Yarrow, Birdsfoot Trefoil, White Clover, Perennial Alyssum, Soapwort, Violet.

How to Grow

Select a sunny site, remove all weeds and lightly work the soil to a depth of 2.5 cm (1″). Shake the container well before use then evenly distribute the mixture over the prepared seed bed. Lightly rake the seeds into the soil then tamp down or roll the seeded area. Keep the seed bed evenly watered through the 2-4 week germination period. Keep in mind that some of the perennials may not flower in their first year of growth. The carrier for the seed mix in the tube is corn meal.

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