Paris Island Lettuce Seeds (Romaine or Cos Type) 1770


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Paris White Lettuce Seeds (Romaine or Cos Type) 1770 Heirloom Vegetable. Graduating first in a class of its own with crisp leaves and a fine, sweet flavour that is second to none! Attractive, uniformly shaped heads average 25 cm (10″) tall with emerald green outer leaves sheltering an inviting, creamy white heart. Good resistance to bolting and tolerance to tip burn. Our choice for top performing home garden cos variety. This variety has been cultivated since at least the year 1800.

How to Grow

880 seed/gram. Lettuce is a sun-loving cool weather crop that grows best in organic, well drained soil. Sow as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring, then every two weeks thereafter to ensure a continuous supply. Sow about 3 mm (1/8″) deep in rows 45 cm (18″) apart. Gradually thin seedlings to 15 cm (6″) apart. An even supply of moisture during the entire growth period is imperative for success. Harvest by cutting the head off at the base just below the lower leaves. Once lettuce bolts (starts to produce a rapidly growing flower stem) leaves become bitter.

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