Rosy Geranium Seeds (Wild Form or Hardy Type) 5315


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Rosy Geranium Seeds (Wild Form or Hardy Type) 5315. Brilliant rosy-purple flowers 5 cm (2″) across are produced from June through to September. The mound shaped plants have bright green foliage and grow to a height of 45 cm (18″). Reputed to be hardy through winters in Vancouver & Victoria, BC. Some gardeners report over wintering success in Zones 5 & 6. Even though this geranium is considered hardy, winter survival is still spotty so we recommend you treat P. sanguineum as an annual in most climatic zones of Canada.

How to Grow

100 seed/gram. Start seed indoors in a soil-less medium in late January/early February. Sow 6 mm (1/4″) deep at 21-24 C (70-75 F). Germination may take up to 20 days. After germination, grow-on under lights at a cooler temperature range of 15-18 C (60- 65 F). Transplant month-old seedlings to 10 cm (4’) pots for growing-on. Harden off and transplant after all danger of frost has passed, spacing them 45 cm (18’) apart in the garden.

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