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Showy Tick Trefoil Seeds 6975 (Desmodium canadense). Native to eastern Canada. Showy Tick Trefoil is suitable for large sunny or open forested areas that are in the process of being naturalized. Mature plants are adorned with purple pea-like flowers from July often through to early September. Deer enjoy browsing its tasty leaves while pollinators and butterflies are attracted to the flowers. Many birds and small mammals eat the seeds. Plants are bushy and can be quite large growing up to 1 m (3′) or more in height. When isolated, plants have a tendency to sprawl, while they tend to be more erect when growing in tighter clusters.  Showy Tick Trefoil is a legume that helps to put nitrogen into the soil. This perennial is hardy to Zone 4.

How to Grow

155 seed/gram. Sow seed indoors in a soil-less mix in early February and barely cover with a light sifting of medium. Keep at 15 to 20 C (60 to 70 F) for the 10 to 14 day germination period. After germination, grow on under lights at the same temperature before hardening off and transplanting outside to an open sunny spot with moist soil. Often blooms the first year from early sowing. Self-seeds readily. Seed can be directly sown outdoors in late fall and again in mid May but plants from these sowing times will most likely not flower until the following growing season.

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