Tanglefoot Tree Care Kit 777


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Tanglefoot Tree Care Kit 777 contains a 425 g tub of Tanglefoot Insect Barrier, and 15 m (50′) foam banding. Begin by wrapping foam banding securely around the tree trunk about 150 cm (5′) above ground level. Try to wrap tight enough so that there are no gaps between the band and the tree trunk.  If necessary, on rough barked trees, fill in gaps with cotton batting or similar material.  Join the ends of the band and fasten securely with the fasteners.  Using a wood applicator or a narrow putty knife, apply a 7.5 cm (3″) wide band of Tanglefoot Insect Barrier to the surface of the banding material. Bands are effective until covered with insects and/or debris. Inspect the bands frequently re-applying a fresh coating of Insect Barrier as needed. Remove bands in the off season.

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