Teddybear Dwarf Sunflower Seeds 6155


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Teddybear Dwarf Sunflower Seeds 6155. Also known as dwarf sungold. Flowers resemble those of tall sungold, yet the plants are only 60 cm (2′) tall! This product is part of the Container Flower Collection; click here to check it out.

How to Grow

50 seed/gram. Easy to grow. In late May, choose a sunny site with well draining soil and sow seed about 6-12 mm (1/4-1/2″) deep and 7.5-10 cm (3-4″) apart. Thin or transplant seedlings to 30-45 cm (12-18″) apart. Seed can be started 2-3 weeks early indoors using plantable peat pots or Jiffy 7’s at 21 C (70 F). Harden off seedlings then transplant to a site in full sun. Keep plants evenly watered and fertilize twice during the season with a granular 15-5-15 or equivalent.

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