San Marzano Tomato Seeds (Aimers International) 2980


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San Marzano Tomato Seeds (Aimers International) 2980. Heirloom Vegetable. Variety originated in Italy. Classic plum or paste tomato for sauce and canning. Large bright red fruits with few seeds and slightly flattened sides average 150 g (6 oz). Outer skin is crack resistant, interior flesh is meaty and mild. Indeterminate growth. Matures in 80 days.

How to Grow

Start seed indoors in a soil-less mix 6-8 weeks before last frost. Grow on under lights before hardening off and transplanting outside to a sunny site after the danger of frost has passed. Seed typically sprouts in 6-10 days.

Planting Depth: 6 mm (1/4”). Seed Spacing: 7.5 cm (3”). Transplant to: 90 cm (36”). Row Width: 90 cm (36”).

COMMENTS: Plants require sturdy support. Keep soil evenly moist – to help prevent foliar diseases, water the soil, not the leaves. Long harvest period.

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