Vegetable Garden Starter Kit 1090


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These seven easy to grow vegetables are ideal for the beginner as well as for those experienced gardeners where growing space is at a premium. Each kit includes One Packet each of: ‘Early Wonder’ Beet 1265, ‘Slenderette’ Green Bean 1115  (small size packet), ‘Chantenay Red’ Carrot 1360, ‘Marketmore’ Cucumber 1630, ‘Grand Rapids’ Leaf Lettuce 1720, ‘Homesteader’ Peas 1975, and ‘Early Scarlet Globe’ Radish 2090. These varieties can all be grown together quite nicely in a 3m x 3m (10′ x 10′) garden plot…and as a bonus, you can still leave yourself enough extra seed for a second crop. You also save 25% with this collection as opposed to buying these seven packets individually!

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