Ronde De Nice Zucchini Seeds (Aimers International) 2965


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Ronde De Nice Zucchini Seeds (Aimers International) 2965 NEW for 2019! Variety originated in France. Delicately skinned fruit is round and light green with tender, nicely flavoured flesh. Flavour is at its best before the fruit reaches 7.5 cm (3”) in diameter. Larger fruit can be hollowed out and stuffed.

How to Grow

Sow direct in a sunny site in late spring after soil has reached at least 20°C (70°F). Can be started indoors in paper or fibre pots 3 weeks early.

Planting Depth: 2.5 cm (1”). Seeds Per Hill: 6. Thin to: 4 plants/hill. Hill Spacing: 2 m (6-6”).

COMMENTS: Keep soil evenly moist for best growth. Very fast maturing. Great sliced and grilled!

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