Quick Order

Do you already know what seed products you want to order?

Our Quick Order form lets you use individual product codes to quickly select your products and order in bulk. Follow these steps to submit your order:

  1. Look up your products in our Catalogue. If you would like a printed catalogue, click here to request one.
  2. Enter Product Code or the Product Name from the catalogue into the Quick Order form and select the size of the product you would like.
  3. Enter Quantity for each product.
  4. Click Add All Items to Cart and proceed to your cart for online checkout. (Please note that orders with several items may take a moment to be added to your cart.)

The quick order form can add up to 10 items to your cart at a time. If you are ordering more than 10 items, click Add All Items to Cart and the form will reset, allowing you to add more items to your order.

Have any questions about our Quick Order form? Contact us here.