Native Seed

At OSC Seeds, we offer a wide selection of grass and wildflower seeds native to Ontario. Native plants play an important role in helping to support the local ecosystem and in preserving biodiversity. Whether you are looking for native seeds to plant in your garden, on your property, or for a larger commercial or municipal project, our team can help provide the right option for your needs.

From dry prairie grasses to wet meadow mixes to special problem solver mixes, we offer many different varieties of native seeds or native seed mixtures. Our mixes have been carefully assembled for use in specific situations. You can also order specific types of seed if you know what you’re looking for. Here are a few examples of unique or popular native seed mixes:

  • Clear Cut / Blaze / Pipeline Mix — This seed mix is designed to provide fast erosion control on slopes that have been clear cut to make way for municipal infrastructure, pipelines, or other construction projects.
  • Rural Ontario Roadside Mix — This native mix is the perfect option for reclaiming and beautifying rural roadsides or farm lanes, including perennial forbs and grasses that are low maintenance and drought resistant.
  • Stormwater Pond Mix — This seed mixture is well-suited to support newly constructed stormwater management ponds with native plants and grasses, such as annual ryegrass, fox sedge, and more.
  • Wildlife Retention Basin — This mix of native seed will grow to provide permanent cover for smaller wildlife living in a wetland environment.

If you want to start growing native plants in Ontario, browse our selection of 40+ native seed mixtures and order online today. For advice on a larger project, contact our team and we are happy to provide our expert recommendations.

Our Selection of Ontario Native Seeds

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