At OSC Seeds, we’re proud to continue providing our customers with the highest quality seeds in a wide range of varieties to suit your needs. That’s why we’re so excited about our newest line of international seeds!

Whether you want to grow a variety of vegetable you can’t find in the grocery store or just want to try something different in your garden, we’ve listed a few of the delicious varieties you’ll find in our new international line in 2019:

  • Amaranth – “Red Garnett” from Mexico. This beautiful, edible plant has colourful leaves that can be used raw or cooked.
  • Arugula – “Wild Roquette” from Italy. Deeply lobed leaves have a pungent aroma and an intense, peppery bite. Ideal for mixed salads or slow-cooked stews!
  • Bean – “Golden Butterwax” from the US. Compact, sturdy plants that produce an eye-catching bright yellow bean that’s perfect for eating raw.
  • Beet – “German Lutz” from Germany. A deep red, globe-shaped beet with a mild, slightly sweet flavour that makes a delicious Borscht!
  • Cabbage – “China Express Hybrid” from Japan. Napa-style cabbage with a pleasant, mild taste.
  • Carrot – “Amsterdam” from Holland. Early-maturing and producing a deep orange colour.
  • Chinese broccoli – “Blue Jade Hybrid” from China. Thick green stems with rounded, glossy blue-green to deep green leaves with a similar flavour as broccoli.
  • Eggplant – “Green Punjab” (Baingan Bharta) from India. Large, slightly elongated green fruit with soft flesh.
  • Mustard – “Osaka Purple” from Japan. Baby leaves with a sweet taste that become more pungent as they mature.
  • Onion – “Welsh Onion” from Russia. A hardy, non-bulbing onion that’s essential to many Asian dishes.
  • Pepper – “Alma Paprica” from Hungary. Thick, sweet peppers that turn bright red when fully ripe.
  • Pepper – “Button Mixed Chili” from the UK. Brightly coloured fruit with a mildly hot, yet fruity flavour. Great in salads or pickled!
  • Radish – “Watermelon” from China. Winter radish that’s pale white on the outside and bright, watermelon pink on the inside.
  • Squash – “Cream of the Crop” from the US. Bush-type acorn squash grown on compact vines with light, golden-coloured flesh and a nutty taste.
  • Tomato – “Big Rainbow” from Germany. Eye-catching golden yellow tomatoes with a red stripe that continues through the flesh. Rich, sweet and juicy.

For these and other exciting international varieties, shop our international seed line.

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