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This year we are excited to be showcasing the Cayenne Pepper Blend from our new Aimers International seed line on the cover. The Aimers International line features over 50 popular varieties from countries all over the world!

Now you can enjoy international favourites like:

…from the comfort of your own back yard!

Grow international favourites in your own back yard!


Sending catalogues to our valued customers each year is one of our favourite ways to connect with you.

Not only do catalogues contain all our flower and vegetable seeds, they also feature a selection of:

We especially enjoy including little extras like age-old garden tips. When you’ve been in the business as long as we have (over 125 years!) there is plenty of wisdom to share.


In some ways, catalogues are a time capsule.

Garden trends change, printing technologies improve, and looking back through old catalogues can tell us a lot about that year!

What’s different in 2020? For starters, lawn alternatives like White Clover and Creeping Thyme have become popular choices. The “neat and tidy” gardens of the past are giving way to “messier” pollinator-friendly spaces filled with native grasses and wildflowers. We’ve also noticed an increase in the number of people trying vegetable gardening for the first time, many working in container gardens and small spaces like balconies!


Since this year marks the beginning of a new decade, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of our old covers.

So sit back and enjoy 6 decades of OSC Seed!

1960- This catalogue has “do not lose!” scribbled on the cover and it worked! 60 years later it still hasn’t been lost!


1970- Some of the first Impatiens with disease resistance!


1980- Can you tell this was around the time growing huge pumpkins was gaining in popularity?


1990- We tried something different this year and chose a drawing!


2000- We added several All America Winners; our customers always get the very best!


2010- We featured the new and very popular “Cherry Brandy” Rudbeckia and a family baby! Just look at those cheeks!


We always update our catalogue to suit the gardens Canadians are growing.

This year we’re introducing several fun new veggies and increasing our selection in popular categories, like pollinator favourites and blue flowers!


We look forward to serving Canadian growers again in 2020 and we hope you’ll choose us for all your growing needs.


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