Whether you have a small apartment balcony or want to add some planters to your deck or front porch, container gardening is an accessible and fun way for anyone to garden. Follow our tips for designing a container garden that you’ll be proud to show off:

1. Choose the right pot

The first thing you’ll want to do is choose a pot, or pots, for your container garden. You can choose whatever type or style of pot you prefer, just make sure it has adequate drainage and enough room for the plants to spread their roots.

2. Choose the right soil

Having high-quality soil is essential for successful container gardening. Don’t use soil from your garden; instead, purchase a quality potting soil. Look for potting soils that have peat moss, perlite, vermiculite or rotted manure, and don’t buy the cheapest soil you can find.

3. Pick the right plants

When it comes to container gardening, you have lots of options for plants. From vegetables and herbs, to flowers and grasses, you can grow almost anything you want. You can even mix and match plants if you want a bit of everything!

4. Pair plants according to needs

If you’re planting more than one type of plant in one container, be sure to pair them according to growing conditions. Low light plants shouldn’t be mixed with plants that require more sun, and you should make sure to pair plants that have the same watering requirements as well.

5. Combine textures, colours and layers

The key to creating a beautiful container garden is to combine plants in various textures, colours and layers. For layering, choose one tall plant, one bushy plant and one trailing plant for each container.

6. Water often

Container gardens require more frequent watering than traditional flower beds because they dry out more quickly. Whenever you notice the soil is dry, be sure to water the containers deeply. You may have to do this every day during the hot summer months.

7. Fertilize plants regularly

To make sure flowers, vegetables and herbs grow well all summer long and continue to produce blooms, you’ll want to make sure you’re fertilizing them on a regular basis. Even if your potting soil comes with a fertilizer, try to add a few drops of fertilizer to the water each time you water your plants.

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