We’re ringing in the new year with some of our favourite things: New Varieties! We know you like to keep it fresh and we’ve had a lot of fun picking the new varieties this year.

Canadians across the country are doing their part to “flatten the curve” by staying home and staying safe. As a result, we seem to have more vegetable gardens than ever before! If you’re totally new to vegetable gardening, you might be interested this post: The Beginners Guide To Vegetable Gardening: success in year 1

In the meantime…

We have 14 new and exciting varieties this year for every kind of garden!

So without further ado, let’s show them off!

In this post:

    1. Vegetables for small spaces
    2. Vegetables for medium spaces
    3. Vegetables for large spaces
    4. Marigolds
    5. Sunflowers
    6. Unique varieties just for fun



1. Vegetables for Small Spaces…

Everleaf Emerald Tower Basil Hybrid Seeds – There’s nothing quite like the scent of fresh basil hanging in the air on a hot summer day. If you don’t have much space to work with, this new variety is a must-try! A beautiful towering plant up to 90 cm (3′) tall with great “Genovese” flavour. Dark green, glossy foliage with huge harvest potential. “Towering” growth habit is a great space saver, making it an especially good choice for small gardens and containers.


Introducing our new Greek Golden Pepperoncini! This pepper plant does very well in a container or pot (min. 10″ diameter recommended) and serves up massive yields! Mild peppers can be picked when yellow-green for pickling or eating fresh. Or leave them on the vine to darken into a deep red for a striking addition to any dinner plate. Taste is similar to Cubanelle but with a little “zest,” especially when pickled.


2. Vegetables for Medium Spaces…

Introducing our very first Currant Tomato and an AAS winner: Candyland Red Hybrid! Enjoy long clusters of tiny red, super sweet fruit with superb flavour. Earlier ripening and more compact plant habit than any other currant type, making it easier to harvest the 100+ fruits per plant. Perfect for large containers or garden. Currant tomatoes are cherry tomatoes that grow on indeterminate vines. They produce all season long until frost kills the plants. Staking required. Indeterminate growth pattern (individual fruits ripen successively over many days)


We’re also introducing the Namib Cocktail Tomato! These very sweet and juicy, rich, red fruits are larger than a cherry but smaller than a Roma. Great holding ability with just the right firmness and texture. Averages 110 grams (4oz) size. Superb disease resistance. Cocktail tomatoes are bursting with flavour thanks to being kept on the vine until they’re red, ripe and juicy. Grown in clusters of 7 to 8 on the vine, they are a smaller variety of tomato (although larger than your typical cherry or grape tomato. Determinate growth pattern.


Both our new tomato varieties should do well in containers or large pots (min. 18″ diameter but the bigger the better).


3. Vegetables for Large Spaces…

Are you a fan of green beans? Boy do we have a treat for you! Our new Outlaw Green Bush Beans are sure to impress. Straight, shiny green pods produce huge yields of 12-16cm (5-6″) premium quality, tender and sweet dark green pods when mature. Suitable for commercial fresh market. Machine harvestable. Resists heavy rain and wind. Disease resistance to common viruses is excellent.


If you’re a Brussels Sprouts fan, you won’t be able to resist this gorgeous new variety. Our new Redarling Hyrbid Brussels Sprouts will be a striking addition to your table. Plants feature atractive red foliage and purple-red sprouts. Their colour deepens even further when touched by frost. High yielding stalks average 75 cm (30″) tall.



4. Marigolds…

A whole line of NEW African Type Marvel II Hybrid Marigolds! Our best intermediate-type marigold, blooming in as little as 60 days from sowing. Enjoy a spectacular show of 15 cm (6″) blooms on uniform, deep green plants up to 35-40cm (14-16″) tall. Shows good weather tolerance and performs well in mass plantings. Deadhead old blooms to prolong flowering into fall.

^ Marvel II Gold Marigold


^ Marvel II Orange Marigold


^ Marvel II Yellow Marigold


^ Marvel II Mixed Marigold


5. Sunflowers…

Our new Summer Moon Hybrid Sunflower is a sophisticated and elegant choice. Petals are a subtle lemon cream around a chocolate brown centre. Blooms are 7-13 cm (3-5″) across. Plants grow to be about 1.5m (5′) tall.


Looking for something more dramatic? Our new Joker Hybrid Sunflower is sure to deliver! Flower centre displays two concentric rings, one of orange-red, the other yellow – a unique look. Large 6 to 8 inch (15cm – 20cm) double and often semi-double flowers. Grows to 2 meters (6′) tall.


6. Something A Little Different – Just for Fun!

The Livingstone Daisy – Radiant Mix is a succulent disguised as a daisy! Low-growing succulent plants resembling colorful daisy-like flowers provide a dazzling display throughout the summer to fall. Flowers average 2.5cm (1″) across in a diverse range of colours. Perfect for rock gardens, sunny borders and trailing over rock walls or garden edging. Best performance in well-drained sandy soil. Very heat tolerant-thrives in full sun. Flowers close at night.


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