It’s the holiday season and we hear you have a gardener on your list.

Whether you know anything about gardening or not, don’t worry, we’re here to help! Because after 125 years in business, we know what gardeners want. So go ahead and knock it out of the park this year with a gift from OSC <3

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First things first: What type of gardener do you have on your list?


The Aspiring Gardener –

Our Seed Starting Kit comes with everything they need to try gardening for the first time! All they have to do is decide what to grow! This kit is especially useful this time of year, as it’ll soon be time to start seeds indoors for early spring transplants.


The New Gardener –

One of the tricky things about starting a garden is figuring out what to plant. Help your gardener this year by cutting out the guesswork with an OSC Seed Collection. Whether they have plenty of room or a smaller container garden, we have collections for every space.


Kids starting out with easy veggies?

Low maintenance cottage garden?

Pollinator favourites for bees and butterflies?


We have a collection for that.


The Seasoned Gardener –

Treat your wizened gardeners to the very best with a new set of Felco Bypass Pruners. These top-of-the-line pruners are sure to delight! Designed to cut cleanly and evenly, leaving no wounds to invite insects or disease. Solid forged metal alloy handles are insulated with red plastic for comfort and complimented by a Swiss precision-made hardened cutting blade. The lower blade has a sap groove to stop blades from sticking together. Guaranteed to bring many years of service when used properly!

The Year-Round Gardener –

The Maximum-Minimum Thermometer 580 is a very valuable tool in any gardener’s toolbox. It is indispensable for those gardeners growing in greenhouses, working in cold frames, starting seed indoors or monitoring outdoor temperature range for maximum plant performance. This thermometer is also a great gift for weather watchers and armchair meteorologists alike.


The Nature-Lover / Bird Watcher –

Support overwintering birds by keeping Bird Feeders full of quality seed all winter long. By providing a reliable food source during the winter, you will ensure your fine feathered friends return to the same area year after year. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a cardinal to brighten a cold winter morning.

The Market Gardener –

If the gardener on your list keeps a very large garden, spoil them rotten with our Precision Garden Seeder and Accessories. This incredible tool opens soil, spaces seed, plants, covers and packs soil all in one operation, and is rust resistant to assure years of use.


There you have it! After over 125 years in the business, we know what your gardeners want! Knock it out of the park this year with a gift from OSC <3


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