That’s a wrap on what has been the busiest season in OSC history! The pandemic has brought new focus to the humble garden and we are thrilled to share our passion with so many!

While the pandemic certainly has its fair share of negatives, we’ve heard some truly excellent “Covid garden” stories. From a tortoise’s snacking garden, to an outdoor classroom, to the backdrop for an impromptu wedding, it has been wonderful to see the many ways gardens have brought joy and purpose to lockdown.

We’ll share 3 such stories below, and we hope you’ll leave yours in the comments!



1. Friends in Neighbours

Letter received by OSC in Sept 2020, shared now with permission:

“Good Day OSC Team,

I wish to share my “Covid Garden” story, as I believe many Canadians have found similar joys in the garden thanks to your dedicated service.

I am a widow in my 70s with a lifetime of garden experience. I kept a vegetable garden most of my life but after my husband passed, I grew mostly flowers. I reside in a duplex and when lockdown began, I noticed my new neighbours digging out the old garden beds on their side. One morning while I was out preparing my own beds for the season, they told me of their plans to grow their own food for the first time. Well after we got to talking, I must admit I wanted to try a few vegetables as well!

These two young folks assisted me in digging out a vegetable patch and carted in new soil. As we worked, they had many questions and I was happy to teach what I knew. They enjoyed the highs and lows of the garden and we all spent many good hours out of doors. We’ve begun sharing our harvests and now plan to spend Thanksgiving together.

My daughter lives out-of-province and lockdown might have been a terribly lonely time. But thanks to the garden, I was kept in good company. What a pleasure too, passing some of this old knowledge to the younger generation.

Wishing you good health,



2. Gardening with Kids!

Ona’s was just one of so many “Covid garden” stories shared with our team. As she mentioned, passing garden knowledge to younger generations is rewarding! We’ve heard a lot about the unexpected joy this has brought families during lockdown. As schools closed and learning moved to the home, those fortunate enough to have space for a garden found themselves enjoying the hobby with the whole family.

Seen here are some photos of excited young gardeners. Shared with permission.

Clare’s grandchildren are admiring the result of their hard work


Ben’s nephew is delighted by his very first harvest of Beets


3. Thanksgiving Feasts with Friends

A group of university students happened to be renting a house with a yard when lockdown began. Like so many others, they decided to stay busy and learn a new skill by converting much of the yard into a garden. With very little experience among them, they succeeded in growing so much food that they even made a few donations to their local foodbank! (Some foodbanks will accept perishable food items, check with yours to see if you can do the same!)

Seen here is their Thanksgiving feast, featuring several veggies and herbs from their garden. We were especially impressed by the stunning Hasselback Butternut Squash! We followed up to ask for the recipe and they were happy to share. You can find it here.

Coren’s Hasselback Butternut Squash


If you have a “Covid garden” story, please share it in the comments below!

Congratulations to all our new gardeners for completing your first season! And to all our OG gardeners, thank you for recommending OSC, teaching others, and making stories like these possible.


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All customer submissions used with permission.