Corn Seeds

Sweet corn is a favourite summer food of many Canadians and a popular choice for many farms and home gardens. Many will remember the taste of fresh corn on the cob, covered in salt and butter, served at someone’s backyard barbeque. While sweet corn is typically shucked and steamed, it can also be grilled, added to soups, baked goods, or even salads.

When planting sweet corn, it is important to isolate your plants with a buffer zone between them and other crops — including other types of sweet corn. Corn is very sensitive to cold or wet conditions when it is initially planted, so you should also avoid sowing in this type of weather. Read our guide on how to grow sweet corn to learn more.

If you want to start growing sweet corn in your garden or on your farm, we are proud to offer a wide selection of high quality sweet corn seeds in the most common varieties, including yellow types, bi-colour types, and specialty types such as ornamental corn and popcorn.
Our Selection of Sweet Corn Seeds

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