“Aspen Hybrid” Pumpkin 2040
“Big Max” Pumpkin 2045

“Big Max” Pumpkin 2045

“Connecticut Field” Pumpkin (Processing Type) 2050
“Dill’s Atlantic Giant” Pumpkin 2015
“Fairytale” Pumpkin (Baking Type) 2020
“Hooligan Hybrid” Pumpkin 2025
“Howden” Pumpkin 2055

“Howden” Pumpkin 2055

“Jack o’Lantern” Pumpkin 2060
“Jack-Be-Little” Pumpkin (Ornamental Type) 2030
“Lumina PVP” Pumpkin (Display Type) 2035
“Neon Hybrid” Pumpkin 2080
“Pumpkin Patch Mixture” Pumpkin (Ornamental Type) 2065
“Small Sugar” or “Pie” Pumpkin (Baking Type) 2070

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