Cabbage Seeds

Cabbages came to Canada in the mid 1540’s courtesy of Jacque Cartier. Select from sweet, attractive Savoy types with puckered emerald green leaves; bright, crisp, tightly packed cone and ball headed cabbages: upright growing, tender Chinese types and beautiful, intriguing red cabbage.

To control disease in cabbage never plant cabbage or any member of the Brasssica family in the same location year after year.

One pkt sows approx. 20 m (66’) of row.

How to Grow: Sow seed indoors in a soilless mix 5 weeks before last frost date, 6 mm (1/4”) deep and keep at 21°C (70°F) for the 7-10 day germination period.

Transplanting: Grow on at a slightly cooler temperatures then harden off and plant outside late May. Space plants 45 cm (18”) apart in rows with the rows 75 cm (30”) apart. Cabbages are shallow rooted to cultivate carefully.

Harvesting: Mature heads that are ready to pick need not be of a certain size to pick. When heads are firm and solid all the way through when squeezed, the cabbage is ready for harvest. Cut the stem close to the ground rather than pulling it out roots and all.

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