Hot Pepper Seeds

If you’re a lover of extra spicy foods, then growing your own hot peppers can be a very rewarding way to enjoy some of your favourite dishes. Homegrown hot peppers can give you the ability to make your own hot sauces, use fresher ingredients, or simply turn the spice level up a notch. Hot peppers also come in a variety of colours, which also make them a beautiful addition to any garden.

When growing hot peppers, the trickiest part of the growing process is the germination. Hot pepper seeds will need to be germinated in an environment that resembles the hot, rainforest-like climate of their home. To accomplish this, you can try placing the seeds between two moist paper towels and sealing them inside a Ziploc bag that is warmed from the outside.

Once the seeds have germinated, your hot peppers can be planted into smaller pots and eventually transplanted into your garden. During this process, you will need to use similar techniques to regular peppers and harden off by gradually exposing them to the outdoors. Your hot peppers will require regular watering and lots of sunlight to thrive.

If you want to start growing hot peppers in your garden or on your farm, we are proud to offer a wide selection of different hot pepper seeds in a range of common varieties, including jalapeño, habanero, cayenne, serrano, and more.

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Our Selection of Hot Pepper Seeds

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