Sweet Bell Pepper Seeds

Originally native to Central and South America, different types of sweet bell peppers have spread across the world and become a staple addition to a number of different cuisines. Commonly used as a way to flavour warm dishes, bell peppers also make a great addition to salads and are delicious both raw and cooked.

If you plan on growing bell peppers, you will need to help them harden off, by slowly acclimatizing them to stresses of the outdoors while they are seedlings. Bell peppers grow best in warm conditions, so make sure that you transplant them somewhere that is well-drained and has lots of direct sunlight. Stake the plants and water regularly for best results — and then wait for them to change colour before harvesting.

If you want to start growing bell peppers in your garden or on your farm, we are proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality bell pepper seeds in green, gold, orange, and red colour varieties.

Read our guide on how to grow peppers to learn more.

Our Selection of Sweet Bell Pepper Seeds

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