Pepper Seeds

Peppers offer a great way to add some colour that will spice up both your garden and your cooking. Available in both hot and sweet varieties, peppers are used in a variety of dishes across many types of cuisines. From your traditional bell peppers to hot peppers like jalapeños and habaneros, peppers offer options to suit any taste palette and any garden.

When growing peppers, you will need to gradually acclimatize the pepper seedlings to the outdoors, a process known as hardening off. Peppers love warmth, so choose a site that is sunny and well-drained for transplanting. Keep them regularly watered and staked for proper growth — and remember to wait until your pepper turn colour before harvesting them.

If you want to start growing peppers in your garden or on your farm, we are proud to offer a wide selection of high quality pepper seeds in the most common varieties, including hot peppers, bell peppers, some novelty peppers, and various collections of pepper seeds.

Read our guide on how to grow peppers to learn more.

Our Selection of Pepper Seeds

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