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The graceful pole bean is an excellent choice for any garden. Sometimes referred to as runner beans, pole beans are available in a range of green-podded and yellow-podded wax varieties. They require very little space, yield good harvests, and are naturally resilient to diseases that thrive in wet conditions, as their leaves will dry more easily on the vine.

Pole beans are best grown in light, organic, and well-drained soil that has warmed to at least 16 C (60 F), so we recommend planting later in the spring. Pole beans will require the support of poles, trellises, or netting, but they will grow eight feet or more in height and produce yields throughout the season. The vines should be evenly watered as the plants start to flower and pod production begins. Read our guide on how to grow pole beans to learn more.

If you want to start growing pole beans or climbing beans in your garden or on your farm, we are proud to offer a selection of quality bean seeds in the most common varieties, including Blue Lake, Kentucky Wonder, and Scarlet Runner.

Our Selection of Pole Bean & Climbing Beans Seeds

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