Cauliflower Seeds

Originating in the Mediterranean countries and now a North American staple for many. While most cauliflower varieties are bred for cooler climates (spring/fall sowing) some of the newer hybrid types can also perform very well under a little more heat stress from late spring/early summer.

Cauliflower prefers a well-drained, fertile soil rich in organic matter and regular irrigation throughout the season. Weather stresses can influence the head formation of cauliflower more than most other crops. Fertilize lightly, frequently and never let the plants lack for water. Seed can be sown directly in the garden in late spring. Slow, steady growth from early sowing is the ideal condition.

How to Grow: For early crops start seed 5-6 weeks early indoors before transplanting in late April/early May to the garden after danger of frost has passed in your area. Space plants 45 cm (18”) apart in rows 76 cm (30”) apart. Successive sowings over several weeks can improve your chances of a bumper crop. Late crops can be sown directly outdoors mid-May. When the heads start to form and are about the size of a tennis ball, gather the outer leaves and tie them over them plant to prevent colouring by sunlight and provide proper blanching.

Harvesting: When plants have reached the desired size and before curds become loose, cut the entire head with a sharp knife.

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