• Early Garden Peas (1)

  • “Alaska” Peas 1960

    “Alaska” Peas 1960

    “Alderman” or “Tall Telephone” Peas 1965
    “Dwarf Grey Sugar” Edible Pod Peas 2005
    “Green Arrow” Peas (English Type) 1970
    “Homesteader” or “Lincoln” Peas (English Type) 1975
    “Laxton’s Progress No. 9” Peas (English Type) 1980
    “Little Marvel” Peas (English Type) 1985
    “Oregon Sugar Pod II” Peas (Edible Pod Type) 2000
    “Sugar Snap” Peas (Edible Pod Type) 2010
    “Thomas Laxton” Peas (Shelling Type) 1995
    Peas Collection 2012

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