Athena Mixed Double Hybrid Impatiens Seeds 5440


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Athena Mixed Double Impatiens Seeds 5440. Hybrid. Annual.

Approx. 20 seeds/pkt (1,400-2,100 seeds/gram)

Athena covers the shady garden with double and semi-double blooms of apple blossom, orange, red, bright purple, red-white and orange-white bi-colours. Dark green leaves will bring out the flower colours on these robust plants that reach approximately 45 cm in height and 45-60 cm (18-24″) spread.  Flowers steadily until the frosts of fall arrive! Note: Avoid planting where Impatien Powdery Mildew disease is endemic.

How to Grow

Start indoors in a soil-less mix 8-10 weeks early. Sow on the surface of the growing medium and keep at 21-24 C (70-75 F) for the 10-21 day germination period. Grow-on under lights at a cooler temperature range of 15-18 C (60- 65 F). Hardening-off before transplanting is essential. Plant outside in a semi-shady site after the danger of frost has passed. Space plants 20-25 cm (8-10″) apart in the garden. Avoid planting where Impatiens Downey Mildew (IDM) is endemic.

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