Bungalow Lawn Seed Mixture 7060


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Bungalow Lawn Seed Mixture 7060 Canada No. 1 Lawn Seed Mix. A formula blend of Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue and Annual Ryegrass. A splendid all purpose mix at a moderate price. Ideal for use in larger areas as well as on sloped land where a quick catch is beneficial.

How to Grow

For New Lawns, spread good clean topsoil to a depth of 15 cm (6”). Break up any clumps and rake level. For repairing old lawns, mow grass close to the soil surface. Rake vigorously to remove clippings and accumulated thatch. Add top soil to fill in any low spots then rake smooth. Grass seed can be applied in spring when the soil warms and again from mid August to late September. Note that cold soil can greatly extend the normal germination time. Sow seed at a rate of 454 g per 16 sq. m. (1 lb per 175 sq. ft.) Apply twice at half rate over the area in a criss-cross pattern. Rake the soil and seed lightly to cover. Roll once with a roller at half capacity if the soil is light. Water with a fine spray for two or three weeks to keep the seed moist. Mow for the first time when seedlings reach 8 cm (3“) height. Seed in this blend will typically start to germinate in 1 – 1 1/2 weeks when both soil temperature and soil moisture conditions are ideal.  Note that cold and/or dry soil can greatly extend the normal germination time.

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