Garlic Bulbs for Spring Planting 2520


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Garlic Bulbs for Spring Planting 2520. Grown in Ontario.

Softneck common garlic sets. Mild flavour and good winter storage when properly cured. Soft dried stems and leaves make for easy braiding. Treated as an annual crop in much of Canada. Winter survival is questionable in Zones 4 and colder.

How to Grow

Garlic tolerates a wide range of soil types. Loamy clay and sandy loam work well. Crack open the garlic bulb mass. Plant individual cloves, pointy end up, two inches deep. Plant cloves in single or double rows. Space gloves four to eight inches apart. Tighter spacing increases total yield in terms of weight but the bulbs are smaller. For larger bulbs space cloves at least eight inches apart. Mulching is beneficial.

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