White Clover Seeds 6735


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White Clover Seeds 6735. Open Pollinated. Perennial.

1,600 seeds/gram

Robust, adaptive, drought resistant legume that is also somewhat shade tolerant. White clover is often seeded into established lawns or in areas where turf grasses tend to struggle. This variety is not naturally recumbent. Requires regular mowing to keep at 7.5-10 cm (3-4″) in height. A superb plant for sowing into rough or non-maintained and low maintenance areas, for land stabilization projects and as honey bee fodder.  Also an excellent choice for use as a green manure. Legumes capture atmospheric nitrogen and fix it to their roots making this very valuable nutrient available for other plants to use. Perennial hardy to Zone 4.

How to Grow

The best time to sow white clover is early April through mid-May. Late summer sowing should only be done a minimum of 6 weeks before freezing to ensure the root structure is large enough to properly establish before winter. Dormant late fall sowing is done just prior to the ground freezing. Sow 250 g (1/2 lb) per 90 sq. m. (1000 sq. ft.).  For larger areas, sow at 9 kg per hectare (8 lb per acre). Avoid using nitrogen based fertilizer where white clover is present.

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