Balsam Fir Tree Seeds (Conifer) 6750


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Balsam Fir Tree Seeds (Conifer) 6750. Native of Canada. Perennial.

Approx. 50 seeds/pkt (132 seeds/gram)

Balsam fir is a native tree of Canada and grows to be a medium sized tree typically ranging from 15-20 m (50-66′) in height. It makes a nice specimen for larger landscapes and is of considerable importance in the Christmas tree trade. Wood from balsam fir is typically used in pulp and paper production and to a lesser degree in dimensional lumber for framing. While balsam fir is a favourite browse tree of moose, deer typically leave it alone.

How to Grow

Stratification of tree seed occurs naturally outdoors through the winter. Sowing tree seeds outdoors in the fall takes advantage of this natural effect. Sow 6mm (1/4”) deep, directly outdoors late fall. To stratify indoors, mix the seed with a moistened, sterile, peat based soil-less mix in a container, wrap in a ventilated bag, and place it in a refrigerator for 60 days or so. In the spring plant the seed in a sheltered spot outside to grow into seedlings. Transplant to a permanent site when well rooted. Firs prefer a site in full sun with an open fertile soil.

Another method: Cold stratify the seed in your freezer. Mix seed into a sterile, moistened peat moss based potting soil. Cover with lid or wrap in a plastic bag and freeze solid for two months. Remove lid/plastic. Place under lights for germination at 21C (70F). Remove lid/plastic and place under lights for germination to occur in approximately 30 days.

Transplant to permanent site when well rooted.

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