Birdsfoot Trefoil Seeds 6685


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Birdsfoot Trefoil Seeds 6685. Open Pollinated. Perennial.

850 seeds/gram. Seed is 50% coated.

High palatability & protein rich forage crop for cattle or sheep. Cold hardiness offers extended fall feeding. A long-lived perennial legume with a strong deep taproot. Tolerates both waterlogged soil as well as very dry soil. With its low growth and multi-branching habit, it is a good choice for dry, sunny areas where other plants have trouble. Often used in erosion control blends. The flowers are an important nectar source for many insects while the plants are an important food source for the larva of numerous butterflies. Grows 7-15 cm in height. Sow at 13.4 kg/hectare (12 lbs/per acre). For smaller areas sow at 454 g/330 sq. m. (1 lb/3500 sq. ft.).

How to Grow

Good seed to soil contact is required for any successful seeding. Begin with a finely prepared seedbed that is as free of weeds/debris as possible and firm with a stiff rake or roller. Most forage species should not be sown deeper than 12 mm (1/2″) and small seeded species at 6 mm (1/4″) or less. These crops need to be watered or sown at the right time of year which is usually early April to mid-May. Late fall seeding around mid October until winter arrives (known as dormant seeding) generally ensure that no seed will germinate until spring as the soil is too cold. Spring’s warm rains and snow melt will be enough to initiate germination.

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