Oats Seed 6710


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Oats Seed 6710. Open Pollinated. Annual.

30 seeds/gram

A great nurse crop to control weeds. At the same time, it is not so aggressive that it out-competes the target plants. Excellent cold soil germination – can be sown in spring, late summer, or fall. Tolerant of most soils and low pH (4.5). Grows 60-80 cm in height. Note that winter will kill both oat plants and oat seed, so there is no carryover from year to year. Sow as a nurse crop at 22 kg per hectare (20 lb per acre). Sow as a green manure at 900 g per 90 sq. m. (2 lb per 1000 sq. ft.).

How to Grow

Good seed-to-soil contact is required for any successful seeding. Begin with a finely prepared seedbed that is as free of weeds/debris as possible, then firm with a stiff rake or roller. Oats should be sown between 12-18 mm (1/2 – 3/4″) deep.

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