Buckwheat Seeds 6695


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Buckwheat Seeds 6695. Open Pollinated. Annual.

40 seeds/gram

An ideal green manure. Smothers weeds once it is established, protects soil and provides valuable forage for pollinating insects and honey bees in particular. Take time to prepare a firm but fine textured seedbed. Irrigate if rain is sparse during establishment. Buckwheat does poorly in soil that tends to stay wet. When using buckwheat as a green manure, it is best to turn the crop in within 7-10 days of the onset of flowering. Grows 50-70 cm in height. This will prevent seed from maturing, subsequently germinating and creating ‘volunteer’ buckwheat plants when and where they are no longer needed.  Sow at 52 kg per hectare (48 lb per acre).

How to Grow

Plant in the spring after the danger of frost has passed. Seed can also be planted later in the summer about 4 weeks before your first frost date. Broadcasting seed (at double the recommended rate) on a prepared seed bed then raking it in is an option but drilling the seed at 1.25 – 2.5 cm (1/2- 1″) deep will result in a better stand and more efficient use of seed.

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